Ep 57 – Simple SEO You Can Do Today with Ben Walsh

by | Apr 15, 2024

Bank Marketing Show
Ep 57 - Simple SEO You Can Do Today with Ben Walsh

SEO is a powerful but often misunderstood tool to improve your bank’s rankings on search engines – which translates directly into being found, especially among younger, digital-first generations. In fact, search rankings are one place that it’s often possible for small local institutions to outrank their larger, national competition…if you know the tricks.

In this episode, Chris and Dan interview Ben Walsh, an SEO expert, about how rankings are a local bank’s most powerful tool.  Ben walks us through the easiest changes to make – literally things that you can do today in just a few minutes.  Plus, we discuss the ongoing things you should be doing (e.g., reviews) that will help you outrank your competition.

Topics Include:

●     How SEO has evolved over recent years

●     The biggest ranking factors that community banks should know about

●     Why images and reviews on your Google My Business profiles are extra important

●     How to improve your website’s SEO

●     How big picture SEO makes local banks competitive with larger banks

Ben Walsh is a local SEO veteran with over ten years of experience. He helps local businesses get more leads, calls, and walk-ins.

Resources Mentioned:

●     Website: https://marketlocalseo.com/

●     LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-walsh-73ab78105/

●     Website: https://bankmarketingshow.com/