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Be a better marketer and impact your personal success!


Welcome to the Bank Marketing Show, the podcast that engages and informs you for success in today’s marketplace.  It’s the show that will make you a better marketer with trends, tactics and inspirations from experts and industry leaders.  If you’re wanting to impact your personal success and position your bank as the best choice in your market, you’re in the right place!

Our Why: We’ve run agencies in this industry for a long time.  We noticed there is not enough of the right bank marketing content out there, and we wanted to share our expertise. We are partner agencies seeking the same goal – to help financial institution industry leaders succeed!

Who is this for?  Marketers and other professionals at banks and credit unions of all sizes as well as related businesses.  If you are in leadership for an institution who is responsible for marketing at any level, you will gain a lot here!  We also want business people to relate their personal and career journeys into how they carry out work and are successful.

Should you listen?  If you have a role in marketing, are an officer or in any kind of leadership at a financial institution or related business, you should listen.  If you want to learn more, go deeper on topics, hear from peers and experts, and get connected to the industry, you will gain value here.  We are glad to have you!


Chris S. Bates

Chris is CEO of AgoraEversole Marketing Agency. Chris attended the University of Alabama, completing his B.A.in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration at Belhaven University in 1994. He was a nonprofit executive for 10 years, and then owned Mean Mallard, a 50-employee outdoor sporting goods retail operation for nearly a decade. In 2009, Chris focused his career experiences to guide other business operators through his marketing services agency, Agora Company.  On January 1, 2020, the agency merged with The Eversole Group, bringing more than 30 years of bank marketing expertise into a combined new agency, AgoraEversole.

While his company has focused for 12 years on many industry verticals, banking and healthcare have become their primary service specialties. He and his team deliver goal-focused marketing through partnerships with their clients, providing services in marketing design/consulting, digital marketing (SEO, Digital Advertising, etc.), web design and social media management. They are currently partnering with over 150 financial institution and other clients across 15 states.

Chris and his wife, Stacy, live in Madison, MS near their young adult children and attend St. James Episcopal Church.  Chris is an active outdoorsman, and serves in leadership roles on several nonprofit Boards of Directors including Harbor House and the Belhaven University School of Business Advisory Board.

Dan Novalis

Dan is CEO of 2Novas, a marketing agency for community banks, based in St. Louis, Missouri.  Dan earned his MBA in Marketing and Strategy from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and also holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.  Prior to 2Novas, Dan worked for a variety of ad tech startups and global agencies as a marketing and technology strategist.  His prior clients include Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Bankrate, Liberty Mutual, and more.

In 2018, Dan founded 2Novas with the idea of making the Fortune 100 consulting methodology available to community banks and other financial institutions.  2Novas focuses on data-driven marketing, and enabling smaller institutions to utilize marketing technology to better compete with fintechs and megabanks, who are steadily eating away at the traditional institutions’ market share.

Dan and his wife, Christine, live in Webster Groves, Missouri with their two dogs, two cats, and two sons (the 2 in 2Novas!), and are continually cleaning their home.  When he can find the time, Dan is a powerlifter, drummer, and can grill a mean burger.