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The Bank Marketing Show is a bi-weekly podcast where hosts Chris Bates and Dan Novalis chat with todays most successful marketing and financial institution professionals.

The hosts also chat with other high-profile professionals and other smart people that can help listeners grow their expertise and impact.


The purpose of each interview is to share experience and expertise and pull out lessons learned to demonstrate to our listeners how they can succeed, avoid critical mistakes, and achieve more impact in their professional and personal journeys.

Our goal with each episode is to focus on discussing and sharing insights, relatable experiences and expertise.  We are not covering your life story or the entire history of your career or business. This is not a CV or Resume review.

These insights and experiences could be:

* A marketing or business problem you or your team solved
* An amazing success
* An adversity or failure
* Changes in the marketing and FI industry
* Taking a big risk
* Helping someone (internal or external customer or partner)
* A business pivot (you or your institution)
* A big win for your role, career or institution

People love to hear about:

* The success points of your career and your institution
* Your expertise and insights
* The purpose, passion or differentiators around your institution

Here is how a typical episode interview will go:

Introduction & Welcome

Dan and Chris will introduce you right when we start the recording.  This will tell people who you are and what you do.  They will then welcome you to the show.  Typically at that point the hosts will either (1) jump right in with a question of high interest or (2) ask you to give a brief overview of your career path.

Questions & Conversation

Chris and Dan will ask questions and guide the conversation.  Focus on the important and salient points.

The best answers can include:
* A character (ie. you or your team or work counterparts)
* Description of the pain point or marketing or institutional challenge
* Some kind of change (negative to positive, or positive to negative)
* Overcoming internal or external factors
* A pursuit of desired campaign goals, state, or outcome

NOTE: JUMP INTO THE TOPICS!  Dont worry about a lot of buildup and prestory. Take us right into the information or issues and then the solution(s) (or remaining challenge).

Sample questions (totally dependent upon our pre-talk and your areas of experience) may be ones something like:
* “What’s your take on the bank vs. credit union battle?”
* “What marketing opportunities / platforms have delivered successful campaigns….”
* “Tell us more about your experience with ….”
* “What do you see as the coming challenges in marketing related to…”

The sharing

As we understand more about the pain points, challenges, solutions and experience, we also like to dive into sharable items of value to our listeners. Its not a bad idea to spend a little time prior to the episode preparing this.

These can include areas such as:
* Marketing / business best practices
* What are some things that listeners might not know about your work area
* How you avoid/confront related mistakes
* What others can do

The conclusion

Chris and/or Dan will then close the episode by transitioning into our lightning roundquestions (which should not be very lengthy answers). These help us to provide additional valuable nuggets and recommendations to our listeners.  You might want to consider some of these in advance as well.

  • Can you share a personal best?  A business best?
  • Favorite book or other resource?
  • Last or recent show you were binge watching / streaming?
  • Most impactful piece of advice you’ve received?
  • Something you always tell your staff / your clients? (i.e. your mantra, other?)
  • (option) how can people get in touch with you, and what do you want to share?



Your interview will be conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing.  Once the session is booked, you will receive an invite or email with a link to the Zoom room.

* Download & install Zoom prior to your session (link)
* Verify that your setup is correct and working by going to the Zoom Test Room (link)
* Make sure you have a good microphone (either headset or dedicated podcaster mic, or a good computer mic that you can be close enough to)
n Zoom, go into Audio Settings to:

  • Turn off “Automatic adjust microphone volume”
  • Suppress background – set to Low
  • Check “Show in-meeting option to enable original sound” to on.  
  • Uncheck Hi-Fi, Echo and Stereo

* Make sure that your webcam is set up and working.  Video check: eliminate glares; check distance from camera; add general light if needed
* Be in a quiet place with no interruptions.  BE SURE to turn off notifications and other computer alerts, silence your mobile phone, eliminate other disruptions
* Be ready to discuss your marketing and other experience and areas of specialty and expertise
* Be ready for the lightning round (conclusion) questions
* Be ready with your call to action (if any)
* The recording is not live… we can take a moment or reset if needed
* It’s a good idea to have a bottle of water

Expect the interview session to last around 30-45 minutes.  If you have questions about the show, the interview or format, please email us ahead of time. Otherwise, we will assume that you are good to go!

We air episodes bi-weekly usually in the order we record them. When we publish your episode, we will notify you via email. Any promotion or marketing assistance you can provide the more exposure you will get on our show.

Here is the legal disclaimer you need to read and agree to prior to booking:

By agreeing to be on the Bank Marketing Show, you agree to allow Agora Eversole and 2Novas to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner we feel appropriate. You also agree to allow Agora Eversole and 2Novas to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and all other public distribution. And you agree that you arent a joint author of the Bank Marketing Show and to waive any and all trademark and copyright infringement.

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We are glad to have you!