Ep 54 – MAJOR MARKETING CHALLENGE SERIES #4 – The Alignment of Effort And Value

by | Mar 4, 2024

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 54 - MAJOR MARKETING CHALLENGE SERIES #4 - The Alignment of Effort And Value

We’re returning with the fourth episode of the Major Marketing Challenge Series – where we discuss the biggest problems facing bank marketing teams.

In our work with banks, we find that many teams end up spending time on tasks that don’t add to the bottom line – like the right shade of orange for your logo. And those same teams breeze through the stuff that matters more – like the right CTA for a landing page or a proper A/B test to figure out what really resonates with customers.  Marketers should be spending time putting themselves in the customers’ shoes and understanding their problems – rather than just trying to crank out the next product-based email or flier content.

If you’re a community banker looking to enhance customer engagement, drive business growth, and optimize your marketing strategies, tuning into this episode will provide you with some actionable tips and a fresh perspective on creating impactful marketing initiatives that yield measurable results.

In this episode:

–       Why you should prioritize Impact Over Perfection

–       How to Align Marketing Efforts with Strategic Goals

–       How to Personalize Communications for Greater Resonance

Resources Mentioned:

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–       Website: The Bank Marketing Show: bankmarketingshow.com