Ep 51 – MAJOR MARKETING CHALLENGE SERIES – #1 – Modernizing Your Bank

by | Jan 22, 2024

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 51 - MAJOR MARKETING CHALLENGE SERIES - #1 - Modernizing Your Bank

We’re kicking off a new set of episodes called the Major Marketing Challenge Series – covering solutions to the big picture challenges that we see most commonly in our work with community banks and credit unions across the country.

In this episode, we tackle Modernization: why it’s important, the challenges banks face in pursuing it, and practical solutions and case studies from our work. Modernization isn’t easy, but when community banks revamp their visual branding, embrace digital platforms, and leverage data utilization, they can more effectively appeal to younger audiences and stay competitive.

Listen in for actionable strategies and expert advice on modernizing your bank to attract younger customers and stay ahead of the curve.

In this episode:

  • –       Discover the impact of modernizing your bank’s brand for growth and success.
  • –       How to approach refreshing your visual branding to attract younger customers without alienating existing ones.
  • –       Implement incremental changes to propel your community bank into the modern era.
  • –       Elevate your community bank’s digital presence.

Resources Mentioned:

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–       Bank Marketing Minute Newsletter: bankmarketingminute.com

–       Website: The Bank Marketing Show: bankmarketingshow.com