Ep 45 – Drill Into Your Marketing Plan – Goals, Audience, Message

by | Oct 30, 2023

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 45 - Drill Into Your Marketing Plan - Goals, Audience, Message

You’re already making a strategic plan (hopefully!) – but you can make it work harder and better with more specificity. In this episode, we discuss the need for specificity when setting goals, defining a target audience, and developing a message that speaks to that audience. We also stress the importance of adaptability in strategic planning, as market conditions and customer preferences can change rapidly. Listen in for valuable insights and practical tips that will enhance your marketing strategies and increase your effectiveness in capturing your target audience.

In this episode, we talk about:

–          How strategic plans can boost your bank’s growth, rather than just being a to-do list item

–          How setting specific and measurable goals can lead to higher growth

–          Keeping track of your progress with precise metrics

–          Staying ahead of the curve with adaptable strategic planning techniques

Resources Mentioned:

–       Bank Marketing Minute Newsletter: bankmarketingminute.com

–       Website: The Bank Marketing Show: bankmarketingshow.com

–       For a free guide to strategic planning, just email us: [email protected] with Subject Line “Strategic Plan”