Ep 39 – The Importance of Brand Voice

by | Aug 7, 2023

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 39 - The Importance of Brand Voice

A great brand voice has the same effect as a finely-tuned orchestra playing an unforgettable melody. For your bank, this means memorable differentiation from your competitors. Developing your brand voice involves determining the right tone, communication style, and emotions that echo the bank’s mission. It’s not just the realm of marketing.  Like creating a great culture, developing a brand’s voice starts from the top of the organization.

In this week’s podcast, we share salient advice on striking the right balance – finding the right chord with your chosen target audience without alienating others.  This harmonization creates deeper connections between customers and your bank’s values and culture, hence increasing the customer retention and attraction.

In this episode, we talk about:

–       Discovering the critical role of a distinctive brand voice in banking.

–       Gaining insights into why bank executives themselves need to shape their brand voice.

–       Uncovering the power of favoring unique identity over generic descriptions for your bank.

–       Understanding how aligning your brand voice with the desired customer experience can reshape your institution’s public perception.

–       Learning how to set your brand voice apart from competitors to stand out in the industry.

Resources Mentioned:

–       Bank Marketing Minute Newsletter: bankmarketingminute.com

–       Website: The Bank Marketing Show: bankmarketingshow.com

–       For a free guide to creating your brand voice, email: [email protected] with Subject Line “Brand Voice”