Ep 37 – The Secret Sauce of Recruitment with Allison McCutcheon Barcz

by | Jul 10, 2023

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 37 - The Secret Sauce of Recruitment with Allison McCutcheon Barcz

Ep 37 – The Secret Sauce of Recruitment

Job seekers’ attitudes have shifted dramatically over the last few years – forcing changes to the hiring process.  Applicants today have a different view of what they will and won’t accept in the workforce and have an increasing need for purpose in their work. For banks, it’s imperative to stand out to attract new talent, and one of the best ways to do this is by leveraging your bank’s culture and reputation.

In this episode, Dan Novalis, Chris Bates, and Allison McCutcheon Barcz discuss the best ways to attract new talent to your bank. We discuss how to recognize and understand your current company culture and then talk about it with potential employees. And, hear about the biggest pain points both banks and candidates face during the hiring process.

Topics Include:

  • How hiring has changed over the last several years
  • How banks can attract new talent
  • How to define your company culture
  • The importance of honesty and clarity in the hiring process
  • How Largely helps individuals create connection

Allison McCutcheon Barcz is the Chief People & Strategy Officer at Largely, a video communications platform for HR and Talent teams. Largely is a communications platform tailored for talent. We focus on bringing an authentic and differentiated experience to your talent journeys with features such as video capture and hosting candidate and employee communications and real-time analytics.

Prior to joining Largely, Allison spent 20+ years in various talent and HR leadership roles, with extensive experience in recruiting and employer branding, most notably at Anheuser-Busch, where she led all talent acquisition for North America.

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