Ep 35 – Finding Digital Ad performance and ROI with Alana Levine – CRO, Fintel Connect

by | Jun 12, 2023

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 35 - Finding Digital Ad performance and ROI with Alana Levine - CRO, Fintel Connect

Do you have clearly defined goals for your bank marketing efforts? The only way you can determine if your marketing is performing – and adding bottom line to your bank – is if you are tracking your progress against goals. Digital ads won’t work if you just throw money at them.

In this episode, Dan Novalis, Chris Bates, and Alana Levine, CRO of Fintel Connect, discuss finding digital ad performance and ROI. It is possible for banks to track digital ad ROI – and it’s probably easier than you think.  We discuss how important it is for the entire marketing system to work well, that all aspects must be measured and tracked, and we get into the process for how to track them.

Topics Include:

–       What is tracking, and why should you do it?

–       Setting clear goals and objectives

–       Pros and cons of conversion-based metrics vs. visibility metrics

–       Performance monitoring

–       How digital ads and tracking support business goals

–       And other topics…

Alana Levine is CRO and founding member of Fintel Connect (fintelconnect.com), the leading growth marketing solution built for the financial industry. Alana has experience across multiple niche verticals servicing 50+ markets worldwide, with a passion for partnerships, marketing, and business development. She previously held leadership roles in SaaS technology and fintech businesses and holds bachelor’s degrees in economics and psychology and a post-graduate degree in finance from McGill University.

–       Personal Best: Skiing the Couloir Extreme in Whistler

–       Business Best: Raising Fintel Connect’s first round last year with BankTech Ventures

–       Favorite Book: Predictably Irrational by Dr. Dan Ariely

–       Most Impactful Advice Received: Focus on what you can control and not on what you can’t.

–       Advice for Staff: When you focus on contribution and creating value, great things happen.

Resources Mentioned:

–       Fintel Connect: fintelconnect.com

–       LinkedIn: Alana Levine

–       Twitter: @Alana_Fintel

–       Website: The Bank Marketing Show

–       Email: [email protected]