Ep 23 – The best gold nuggets of 2022

by | Dec 26, 2022

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 23 - The best gold nuggets of 2022
To wrap up 2022, and celebrate the first year of the Bank Marketing Show, Chris and Dan re-visit the best bank marketing tidbits from the first 22 episodes.  They break it down into four main categories you won’t want to miss: real community engagement, industry leadership, marketing partners, and the power of marketing.

One good decision can create a good day. There’s power in storytelling: big banks can’t tell a community story the way community banks can. Be more human. Be a storyteller, not a product pusher, and really connect with your community audience.

Topics Include:

  • What it means to be a community bank
  • The power of being authentically you
  • What happens when you focus on your own personal development
  • Why your interpersonal work relationships are important
  • The importance of being engaged with your community and other bank marketers
  • What happens when you’re intentional and focused on what you market
  • Why it’s essential to find marketing partners and experts in each area
  • How content is about connecting with your target audience
  • Why you need to tell stories about your products

Resources Mentioned:

  • Website: The Bank Marketing Show, bankmarketingshow.com
  • Episode 3: Adam Koishor, Credit Union Marketing Executive
  • Episode 4: Shannon Aker, President, Bank of Brookhaven
  • Episode 6: Chris Kellum, Author, “Igniting Your Purpose”
  • Episode 7: Gordon Fellows, President & CEO of Mississippi Bankers Association
  • Episode 10: Jim Perry, Senior Strategist, Market Insights
  • Episode 12: John McNair, President, CBA of GA
  • Episode 13: Shondell Varcianna, Owner, Varci Media
  • Episode 15: Emily Mays, Chief Administrative Officer, Community Spirit Bank
  • Episode 20: Ben Pankonin, CEO, Social Assurance
  • Episode 21: Dave Jesiolowski, Author, “One Decision Can”
  • Episode 22: Eric Cook, Founder, The LinkedBanker