Ep 16 – Tech Talk: The five fundamental marketing technologies your company needs

by | Sep 19, 2022

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 16 - Tech Talk: The five fundamental marketing technologies your company needs
Your bank needs technology to grow and to serve your customers better. You can use technology to upgrade your systems and the way you communicate with your customers. We think every bank should have a tag management system on their website to help analyze the behavior of their visitors and monitor whether they’re new customers or returning customers. We also recommend using technology for your bank’s reputation management, especially when it comes to online reviews and ensuring your online presence and listings are consistent and accurate.

In this episode, Dan Novalis and Chris Bates discuss the five fundamental marketing technologies that your bank needs. These five technologies cover data management, automation, tag management, reputation management, and analytics and reporting. This episode is especially relevant to you if you’re in marketing, business development, administration, sales, or the organizational progress of your bank.

Topics Include:

  • Tech is only going to solve a problem if you already have that problem
  • As a bank, what are the fundamental pieces of marketing you should be thinking of?
  • Focus on the tech solutions that your bank needs, not what other banks are doing
  • How to use data analytics to help your bank grow
  • The role of automation in customer management and connection
  • How to use email marketing to send personalized communication to your customers
  • The benefits of tag management
  • Everyone listening to this episode should have some kind of tag manager on their site, even if you’re months away from using the data
  • The relationship between reputation management and bank technology
  • The more consistent and accurate your business information is, the higher you’ll rank on search engines
  • There are tech upgrades out there regardless of the size of your bank

Resources Mentioned: