Ep 15 – Insights From A Marketing Leader On True Community engagement

by | Sep 6, 2022

Bank Marketing Show
Ep 15 - Insights From A Marketing Leader On True Community engagement
Establishing a distinctive brand online is imperative. It requires consistent and cohesive messaging across all channels to create a brand that stands apart from the competition.

In this episode, Dan Novalis, Chris Bates, and Emily Mays discuss what it takes to become a recognizable brand and the importance of taking the chance rather than getting stuck in analysis paralysis. They also discuss how it’s essential to accept that not everything you post will be relevant to all audiences– you can’t be everybody’s cup of tea all the time.

Topics Include:

  • Becoming a recognizable brand
  • Consistent and cohesive messaging
  • Importance of avoiding analysis paralysis
  • And other topics…

Emily Mays currently serves as Community Spirit Bank’s Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Marketing Director and has been in the financial industry for the past seventeen years.

Emily has made a name for herself in banking, utilizing her voice and social media efforts to advocate and educate about the banking industry. She is a founding member of the Social Bankers, a group of community bank marketers from across the country that share ideas and experiences to help banks and their communities thrive. Further, she is a social media mentor to local small businesses and area civic organizations.

Along with project management and marketing at the bank, she heads the financial literacy initiatives in 13 area schools. She is a financial education columnist for a local magazine. And an adjunct instructor teaching financial literacy and banking at the Barret School of Banking in Memphis, TN.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, is a Barret Graduate School of Banking alumna, and recently completed her Bank Executive Leadership certification.

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