Ep 14 – The Must-Know Elements of Your Messaging

by | Aug 9, 2022

Bank Marketing Show
Ep 14 - The Must-Know Elements of Your Messaging
When people can open up an account or get a loan anywhere, why do they pick your bank? It comes down to your branding, tone, and the personality of your messaging. Even if you offer great service, if your branding doesn’t speak to them, they won’t pick your financial institution.

In this episode, Dan Novalis and Chris Bates discuss the important elements of your messaging, how tone will vary depending upon the region and customer, and how critical consistency across all of your messaging is. They also discuss ways that you can ensure your personality and messaging are clear on your website, and how to be a problem-solver rather than just a bank.

Topics Include:

  • Tone and personality of messaging
  • Brand preferences
  • Consistency of messaging
  • How your message is presented
  • Speaking to customers in product-based ads & messages
  • Creating personality differentiators
  • Asking questions and making it about your customer
  • And other topics…

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 8: https://bankmarketingshow.com/podcast/ep-08-narrowing-your-audience-to-create-excited-customers/