Ep 13 – Create Content that Speaks to Your Target Audiences

by | Aug 8, 2022

Bank Marketing Show
Ep 13 - Create Content that Speaks to Your Target Audiences
Consistent content marketing is the best way to connect with and understand your target audience – rather than getting left behind with outdated customer relationships and practices. Community banks – even small institutions – can embrace content marketing to compete with larger banks.

In this episode, Dan Novalis, Chris Bates, and Shondell Varcianna discuss the importance of content marketing for banks. Shondell explains why banks must tailor their content to engage their customers on the subjects that matter to them. Most importantly, Shondell shares how banks can and should utilize social media to build relationships with their clients.

Topics Include:

  • How content can help drive your relationship with your customers
  • How often to produce content for your financial institution
  • How to utilize social media, especially Facebook groups, to connect with your target audience
  • How to tailor your content for different audiences
  • What content looks like for a smaller financial institution vs a larger one
  • Why you need to just start creating content

Shondell Varcianna is the owner of Varci Media in Atlanta, GA. Varci Media is a content writing company that helps financial institutions save time by writing content that speaks to their target audience. Shondell and her team have transformed their client’s blogs and content into solution systems and providers for their customers.

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