Ep 01 – Meet Dan Novalis & Chris Bates

by | Mar 13, 2022

Bank Marketing Show
Bank Marketing Show
Ep 01 - Meet Dan Novalis & Chris Bates
In this episode, podcast hosts Dan Novalis and Chris Bates introduce themselves and provide brief backstories on what led them to create this podcast. With their extensive experience in the marketing industry, they are both on a mission to teach and share best practices about bank marketing that will help marketing leaders and execs from financial institutions of all sizes find their superpower.

Dan owns a bank marketing agency in St. Louis, MO called 2Novas. He has worked in advertising technology, with marketing tech startups, and has done marketing strategy consulting. He has a primary focus on technology, analytics, and using data to run better marketing campaigns.

Chris started his own marketing agency in 2009, where he began to specialize in screen-facing services such as web design, SEO, social, and digital ads. In 2020, his company merged with another advertising agency to form Agora Eversole, which works primarily in the banking niche. He has a focus on growing brands, platform engagement, conversion, and being a brand guardian.

Future episodes will contain helpful information about technology, SEO, current trends, interviews with other bank marketing leaders and execs, and success stories. In addition to Dan and Chris riffing about their favorite marketing topics, they will also feature expert guests who have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Topics Include:

  • Who the podcast is for
  • Why the podcast was created
  • What to expect
  • Get to know Dan Novalis
  • Get to know Chris Bates
  • Educating through bank marketing
  • Marketing in rural areas vs. metro areas
  • How humanness affects our business lives
  • The best marketing comes down to relationships
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • And other topics…